Apr. 12th, 2017

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This past weekend, I headed back home to see my parents, having not made the trip since New Year. It was great seeing everyone again and the weather was particularly stunning, warm and sunny, making it incredibly pleasant.

I arrived on Saturday lunchtime having been at Stray's housewarming the night before, and was greeted at Yarm station by my Dad. We then dropped my bag off at his house before heading for a walk in the North York Moors. The view down the valley towards Teesside from the mountain ridge across which we walked was spectacular, while it was great fun crossing the exposed heath, clambering down jutting rocks and walking back to the car through the forest which ringed the hillside. All the while, it was great to chat with my Dad, which continued when we went to the Bay Horse pub in Great Broughton, where we sat outside and enjoyed a beer in the sunshine.

The evening was taken up with visiting my grandparents, particularly my grandfather who had turned 88 on the previous Wednesday. He is looking very well, but my grandmother seems to be showing the early signs of dementia, which made talking to her a little more challenging. This was quite sad to see, particularly as she kept asking me the same questions over and over, but it was great visiting them regardless, particularly as I hadn't seen them in over a year due to illness. We shared some cheese and hot cross buns, while I also got a few beers too, as well as the opportunity to talk about my various vacations. My grandfather was surprisingly angry about Brexit, which was reassuring I suppose, particularly due to my own personal circumstances.

Sunday saw me go and visit my mother, who lives about an hour from my father. Here we had a rather nice meal - cheese and bread, roasted lamb and a tart strawberry crumble for dessert. I also got to see their dog Wilma again, who is now one year old but still as naughty as ever. We have a good bond, Wilma and I, demonstrated by the walk we took across the fields, where she repeatedly kept jumping up at me, wanting to play. She is a very licky dog, while she particularly enjoyed the sock I brought her, whose threads she kept trying to prise apart like Muco. Streeeech! Wilma is always great fun to be around and it was great seeing her again, while catching up with my mother and stepdad was great too. I spent about eight hours there in total before going back to my Dad's place to spend the evening with him. We had hoped to go to the local pub but upon finding it closed, we just had a few gin and tonics and a chat in the living room, rounding off a relaxing weekend.

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