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Apr. 27th, 2017 10:41 pm
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There is quite the plethora of beer festivals in Leeds these days and the latest was Hop City over the Easter Weekend. Taking place in the grounds of the Northern Monk Brewery and Tap Room, there was a modest range of beers from which to choose. As befits the name of the event, most of them were IPAs meaning the variety was perhaps a little lacking but there was a good selection for one evening.

We went on the Thursday due to JFTW taking place over the weekend, meeting up with Brett and Jo, who managed to get inside earlier than us. They parked themselves on one of the benches outside, which is where we went when we eventually arrived. It was a little cold, with the weather not being as glorious as it had been the previous weekend, but after a few drinks this didn't really bother us. We grabbed a couple of rare cans initially, which were limited to one each per person, before we headed across the three floors to sample a range of tasty brews.

As we did, a number of people visited our table, including a guy who had come up from London specifically for the event and a Geordie couple at university in Leeds who were here for the first time. The people serving behind the bar were friendly and the bottle caps for beer tokens was a nice touch. There was also a range of tasty food, meaning we were well covered until closing, getting the last bus home after a fantastic evening. Granted we nearly missed it as I took us the wrong way, which caused a huge argument and saw me sleep on the couch, but it was great catching up with our friends and meeting some new people too so all in all it was a succesful evening.
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