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On Saturday, I attended my first ever Munch with Wolfie and Fioxy. It was held in a backstreet pub in the heart of the gay district with wallpaper more sparkly than a twink's underpants After a few drinks, it was a bit of a headfuck.

I had been meaning to attend a Munch, essentially a gathering of local people who are into the fetish scene, for quite some time and since our successful trip to the Torture Garden back in early May, I have started to feel more comfortable exploring this side of my life in public. A couple of our fetish friends from Hull, who we met in early June with Fioxy once again, were also there so it was a rather relaxed affair. This made it very easy to meet new people once the initial nerves had dissipated and the Munch organisers were all very friendly so we managed to fit in quite quickly.

This Munch was not much different to your average pub gathering but apparently there will be demonstrations of various fetishes at future events, starting with needle play in July. One of the reasons for the toned down nature of the Munch this time was that we had to share the space with a couple of hen and stag parties, which is never ideal. Normally, they take place in their own private space. Still, we managed to win the maximum £10 jackpot on the quiz machine, which made us really excited as I've never won the top prize on one of those things before. It was excellent teamwork and another good way to make new friends.

After the Munch, a few of us headed to Nando's for some food, including the partner of the organiser of the Munch. Here I got a kids' pack and coloured in a picture of a Rastafarian on a trolley being pulled along by some horses, much to the amusement of our new friends who seemed to warm to my puppy dog ways. When it was time to leave, they admitted they really liked us and thanked us for coming along so I think we will be exploring the local fetish scene some more in the coming weeks and months. There are many forthcoming events so this is hopefully the start of another puppy adventure.

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