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On Tuesday evening we went out with Oracle for one of our regular gastronomic sessions. We met at ShuffleDog, where they had a modest tap takeover of four Cloudwater beers. I must admit that I find Cloudwater one of the more over-rated breweries, particularly regarding their IPAs as many of them taste the same, and so it proved with three of the four on offer here. We had only intended to drink two, then come back for the others, as they were all 9% but in the end our tastebuds got the better of us and we ended up having all four. This proved to be a little difficult as I ended up quite tiddly as we headed for meal at The Cat's Pyjamas. This was as delicious as it had been the first time we tried it over the May Bank Holiday weekend, with me getting the deliciously creamy saag paneer that Wolfie had had last time. It was arguably a little rich and sickly towards the end, but it was a great meal and we did get to try a couple of new craft beers too. The onion bhaji starters, which were shared in a bowl were also a winner. After this, we headed over to Belgrave Music Hall, having not been here for a while. The range of beer was not as good as it once was and it still had a little bit of a pretentious air about it, but it was great to be in a bar that we don't visit regularly at least.

Wolfie buggered his ankle on Thursday, twisting the ligaments and so he has largely been incapacitated over the last few days. This didn't stop him going to the meet on Saturday though, although we did have to get a taxi there. This was quite useful in one way though as we had to transport the new screen for the fursuit changing area, which we had made out of discarded plastic piping and a sheet. It was quite rudimentary but did the job. We weren't expecting that many people at the meet on an account of Confuzzled being this weekend, but we still got quite the turnout. The pool tables, newly installed earlier in the month, proved to be quite popular although I had erroneously thought they were free from 12 noon to 4pm, but this turned out just to be on weekdays. Still, I paid £10 for their useage and we got them for the rest of the day, which proved to be a blessing as the fursuit walk was sadly cancelled due to the weather. It was good at least that we had something to occupy the fursuiters though, along with the space to accommodate the inability of going outside. We also got our new Leeds furs hi-vis jackets delivered that very morning, which looked rather snazzy, while we are currently finalising our new committee and Leeds furs website. It's good to be motoring ahead with this after a year of stagnation, and it's also great to have the enthusiasm for the meets back. We will always be grateful to the White Rabbit for accommodating us, but the size issue was becoming a problem. Despite this, we have now spoken to Jack and are hopeful of securing an weekday evening event in due course. Indeed, we ended up there after the meet when Draken went walkabout, and it was nice to be reacquainted. Unfortunately, I hadn't had much food and with the stresses of the last few weeks piled on top of me, I had something of a breakdown. Arcais and I went to get a Subway together and had a heart-to-heart but there is an awful lot I need to fix in my life once I come back from the USA.

Wolfie had put too much strain on his foot at the meet, which saw him in agony throughout Sunday, meaning he largely stayed in bed. This was frustrating as it meant on top of my professional work, which I had to do due to the insane workload I currently have, I had to do most of the planning for our forthcoming US trip too. Wolfie's foot problems have continued into today and the strain is really getting to me - long days at work and doing all the organising for our vacation by myself has caused an awful lot of mental problems, problems I thought I had buried back in 2005. I am not particularly happy with the demands at work right now - nor living in the UK - and while both could change should my company back my EU office idea (which I have now formally presented), I do feel somewhat frustrated and helpless. This isn't aided by the fact I feel uninspired by work too, so I am hoping this forthcoming break will at least allow me respite and enable me to gauge perspective on my current situation before I do anything too rash. I do feel quite strongly about leaving the UK but of course this is easier said than done and I don't know if biding my time or jumping is the best course of action. I am hoping answers will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.
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